Carpentry is significance when we talk about house covering. Tallers Girona advises you to chose the best option according to your needs, bringing comfort to your place. To arrange a face-to-face visit, click on the link at the bottom right of the page.

As we all know, carpentry has been transformed during the last days. If we take a look through the past we find really heavy and thick carpentry’s materials. Presently we can see carpentry’s adapted to the newest technology and it’s best thermal and acoustic’s efficiency.

What do we look at when searching for a good carpentry then?

Thermal protection 

In Spain, is the 1490/75 orders that talks about Energy's saving the one that obliges many measures to be considered in order to minimise thermal loss.

Acoustic efficiency 

Acoustic barriers are the ones that protect people from aerial noise caused by neighbors. It minimises as well noises caused by permanently installed equipment and machinery.

 When taking care of these features, you can see the price of a high-quality carpentry easily raised up. But considering the future economic impact of thermal and acoustic loss at your house, to make your commitment to a good carpentry it proves to be a considerable saving on your energy’s bill.

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